Coconut Kefir

Coconut Water

Coconut water, known as "fluid of life" is a nutrient dense and mineral rich sap found in center of a coconut.  The rich mineral profile of coconut water has made it a popular sports drink.  It contains a high amount of potassium, chlorides, calcium and magnesium.  These are essential minerals that our body needs for certain functions, such as metabolism while also serving as electrolytes.  Coconut water can replace the valuable electrolytes that are lost during vigorous physical activities. Research has shown that coconut water is just as effective as commercial electrolytes solutions.  The mineral profile of coconut water is so similar to human plasma, that doctors have actually injected it intravenously to prevent dehydration. Water from young green coconuts is regarded as superior in both quality and taste.

Younique Probiotics only uses 100% certified organic, raw, gluten free coconut water from Exotic Super foods.

Young Coconut Kefir

Coconut kefir is made from the juice (also called coconut water) of young coconuts -not the mature coconuts with the brown hairy shell.  Using a kefir starter packet then ferments this juice. This converts the sugars in the juice into probiotics. This creates fizzy, sour champagne like drink similar to a spritzer.

  • It completely stops your cravings for sugar. Imagine the benefits of that!
  • It aids digestion of all goods
  • It appears to cleanse the liver. Coconut water kefir eases aches and join pains.
  • It contains high levels of valuable minerals including potassium, natural sodium, and chloride, which explains why the hair, skin and nails become stronger and have a prettier shine.
  • It appears to have a beneficial, cleansing effect on the endocrine system (adrenals, thyroid, pituitary, ovaries).
  • It increases energy and gives you an overall feeling of good health