My Journey

 My journey began November 20, 2006 while on a trip to Portugal.  Some relatives I had not seen in over a year were not bashful about commenting on my weight problem or rather my overweight problem.  The comments were hurtful but made me stop and take a long hard look at myself.  Upon returning to the U.S. I scheduled a routine physical, at 4'11" and 150lbs my doctor classified me as obese.  What a scary word but a great reality check.

I began evaluating my poor eating/lifestyle habits, lock of exercise, lack of sleep, general lack of self-care, and how it impacted my overall health.  I had fallen victim to the Standard American Diet (S.A.D) of processed foods and too much sugar.

With inspiration and recommendation from a friend, I addressed my nutritional issues via The Body Ecology Diet.  It was during this new venture that by February 28, 2007 I had lost 50lbs having gone from size 12 to 0 in 3 months.

My pursuit of optimal health/wellness led me to the B.E.D., not a diet but a lifestyle.  It taught me the importance of creating a healthy inner ecology, it goes beyond the "fad" diets and nutrition programs by creating a roadmap of youthful longevity.

So armed with my new "bible" B.E.D., sneakers, and Ben (my golden retriever) I hit the asphalt!  I began getting up at 5:30am for daily walks, barely making a mile I kept up with it day after day through cold, rain, and snow, slowly I increased my pace and my mileage, adding intervals of running.

The combination of exercise and healthy eating was attained by seeking out foods with the best ingredients at farmers markets and specialty stores, then preparing each meal, rather than heating processed foods or eating fast food.  With the increase of energy that came with my new lifestyle I dove into an overhaul of my body which is still under construction.

I now run long distance, bike and walk, it is amazing to see how far I can push my body to meet my goals.

I understand that a healthy mindset is just as important as a healthy diet and that prayer is just as important as exercise.

Balance is important when achieving whole health., I learned from personal experience that it isn't only what we put into out bodies, but what we remove that helps to heal.